Some People Build Engines...
...We Engineer Performance


High-Performance Engines

As competitive racers, we know the importance of having a powerful, dependable engine under the hood and the confidence you derive from it! It's that understanding and passion for racing that drives us to engineer high-performance engines for our clients. 

There are plenty of people who can build an engine, but only a racer who understands the nuances between horsepower, torque and reliability should ENGINEER YOURS! 

Building high-performance engines is as much an art as it is science, so whether you are looking to build from scratch or need to rebuild an existing engine, let us engineer yours today!


Machine Shop For Other Engines

Our history may be in working on performance engines, but our decades of experience coupled with our expertise lends itself to work on non-competition engines as well! Using our in-house machine shop, we routinely work on engines for classic cars, gas and diesel engines, we even work on farming and collectible tractors!

Don't let our passion for performance engines fool you. If you are looking for a machine shop with experience working on engines, give us a call today at 440-635-0495 or send an email to We're expert machinists ready to work for you!

Thanks for trusting Gardner Competition Engines